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23rd March. Trip to the National Archives in Kew to look at Risbridge Volunteer Militia records (WO13/4553). A mobile phone camera (remember to disable the flash, or you'll get a ticking off!) is more than adequate for taking pictures - 5 megapixels was enough to give me some good quality images to pore over later.

Updates to pages for David and Stephen Whiting.

29th March. New picture on homepage. Update to William Whiting 1782-1866.

30th March. Update to William Whiting 1839-1897.

2nd April. 1851 Census page created. Links/new pages to come.

3rd April. Entry for Charles Whiting c.1825-1874?

4th April. Entries for Susannah Pilcher and John Whiting 1845-1935?

6th April. Entries for Henry Whiting 1841-1920, Mary Mead 1823-?, Joseph Whiting 1844-? and Thomas Jobson 1832-1909

8th April. Visited Haverhill History Group at the Art's Centre. My thanks to them for giving me a copy of an article about the Moses Whiting murder case from one of their history journals.

9th April. Entries for Henry Whiting 1850-? and Amelia Whiting 1850-1912

11th April. Entries for Phoebe Whiting 1844-? and Caroline Whiting 1846-?. Update to George Whiting 1830-1919.

12th April. Entries for Esther Whiting 1848-1930, who's husband did very well for himself, and Charlotte Whiting 1808-?

15th April. Trip to National Archives to look at Jabez Whiting's Royal Marines Attestation and Discharge records (ADM 157/1289/333 and ADM 157/48/543)

17th April. Entries for Ann Piper 1830-? and John Whiting c.1780-1862.

18th April. Entries for Mary Scotcher c.1785-1863, Sophia Scotcher Whiting 1821-1879 who ended up in Australia, and Jabez Whiting 1829-? a 'bad' Marine.

19th April. Entries for Sarah Whiting c.1803-1884 and Elizabeth Whiting c.1806-?

20th April. Entries for Frederick Whiting 1845-1929 and Ellen Whiting 1843-1892.

21st April. Entry for Elizabeth Buttle 1822-1900.

22nd April. Update to Sarah Farecloth, thanks to John Orchard for baptism information. Entries for Ephraim Whiting 1849-1927, George Scott Whiting c.1847-1929 and Mary Scott 1826-1904.

25th April. Entry for Ellen Whiting c.1850-?

26th April. Update to Sarah Whiting c.1803-1884, thanks to Elisabeth Burton for baptism information.

27th April. Update to John Whiting c.1780-1862, and Joseph Whiting 1808-1868 who I now suspect was his son. Thanks again to John Orchard for information.

29th April. Entries and Picture for Jesse Whiting c.1842-1909, and Daniel Whiting c.1752-1830.

1st May. Update to George Scott Whiting 1847-1929, who turns out to have been more of a Scott than a Whiting! Update for Ann Pool c.1784-1853.

2nd May. Entry for Anne Whiting c.1845-?

3rd May. Update to Sarah Whiting 1830-1900. Her family had moved to London and are not traceable on the 1861 census - several London parishes have records missing for this census. Birth Certificate added to Eliza Whiting 1837-1862. Entry for John Whiting c.1850-?, of uncertain parentage.

7th May. I've just tapped into a great genealogical resource online; http://newspapers.bl.uk/blcs/. This is a British Library site that contains scans of British newspapers from 1800-1900. I've found about 8 articles relevant to Haverhill Whitings mentioned here. Updates to follow.

8th May. Update. At last - the truth about Jabez Whiting's court-martial, including JPEG of newspaper extract from the London Daily News, April 1853.

9th May. Update to Joseph Whiting c.1786-1844. Details of his death are revealed in an extract from The Ipswich Journal, JPEG attached. Update to Henry Whiting 1825-1900, cause of death. Updates to Family Trees.

10th May. Entry for John Siggs Pool 1831-1879.

11th May. Entry for Moses Whiting 1843-1915. including JPEG of The Ipswich Journal article 'Murder of a child by it's father at Haverhill.' Entry for William Buttle 1817-1878.

16th May. Trip to British Library to look at 'C19th British Newspapers Part II'. There were many references to Haverhill Whitings in the various East Anglian local newspapers that had been scanned - a bias towards nefarious activity; as you'd expect, Whitings being drunk-and-disorderly in the middle of Queen Street was more newsworthy than Whitings helping old ladies across the road! Updates to follow..

17th May. Updates to Samuel Whiting 1818-1896 and Boaz Whiting 1839-1911. Tales from the beerhouse - update to George Whiting 1830-1919.

18th May. Entry for Eliza Whiting 1848-? and update for James Whiting c.1821-?

19th May. Update for John Whiting c.1815-1887, cause of death.

20th May. Inclusion of 1861 Census. Entry for Thomas 'Chummy' Whiting 1852-1930? - the townsfolk of Haverhill maintained their sense of humour despite his exploits, hence the ironic nickname!

21st May. Entry for George Whiting 1808-1884.

22nd May. Entry for Mary Ann Whiting 1809-1875.

23rd May. Picture of Royal Standard added to George Whiting 1830-1919. Update to Charles Henry Whiting 1819-1892. Entries for Sophia Betts 1824-1861, and Harriet Barber 1829-1896.

24th May. Entry for Emma Buttle 1843-1900, thanks to Fiona Errington for information.

25th May. Entry for Eliza Buttle 1840-1909, George Buttle 1845-1913, and Elizabeth Buttle 1850-1898. Thanks to Benjamin Hollister for the picture of Elizabeth.

27th May. Updates to Sophia and William Buttle. Thanks again to Fiona for information. Entry for Edward Ship c.1813-1874. Entry for Susannah Kiddy 1831-1897? - unsure of her death date; did she remarry after her husband Daniel Whiting died?

29th May. Entry for James Whiting c.1815-?, a shadowy figure with a string of convictions to his name, but whose origin and fate remains unclear.

30th May. Entry for Horace Odessa Whiting 1855-1880. details of his fatal accident.

1st June. Entry for Catherine Miranda Whiting 1861-1863 and Amos Jonas Whiting 1858-1935 - plus picture of his gravestone.

2nd June. Entry for Susannah Maria Whiting 1852-1935, who made the news after a disturbance concerning an obscene valentine card!

3rd June. Entry for Walter Whiting 1853-1936 and Mary Ann Whiting 1856-?, who married and ended up in Portsmouth.

4th June. Entry for Emily Whiting 1860-1906. Site Update: all addresses mentioned that still exist will be linked to Google Streetview.

5th June. Entry for Henry Whiting 1855-1917? and Emily Whiting 1859-1940.

6th June. Entry for Caroline Whiting 1851-1890 and Thomas Whiting 1853-?

7th June. Entry for Alfred Whiting 1855-1916.

8th June. Entry for Henry Whiting 1857-1935 and Walter Whiting 1858-1945 plus gravestone picture. Entry for Harriet Whiting 1813-1899. Update to Family Trees for Close family of Joseph Whiting 1786-1844.

11th June. Entry and pictures for Frank Whiting 1851-1934. Entry for Frances Alice Whiting 1856-1944.

12th June. Entry for James Whiting 1860-1930.

13th June. Entry for Harry Whiting 1861-?. New page: 'Missing Whitings'

14th June. Update to Jabez Whiting 1829-? - details about time onboard HMS Asia.

15th June. Entry for Minnie Annie Whiting 1856-1928, and Sophia Whiting 1858-?

16th June. Entry for Christiana Whiting c.1863-1950.

20th June. Update to Family Trees.

21st June. Entry for ? Whiting c.1860-? - have a look and see if you can identify her name from the census extract. It's got me beat.

22nd June. Entry for Ann Siggs Whiting 1811-1889 and Lydia Whiting c.1780-1866.

23rd June. Update to George Scott Whiting 1847-1929 - burial date. Entry for Lucy (Louisa) Whiting 1813-1849.

28th June. Update to James Whiting c.1754-1827 - possible father of John Whiting c.1780-1862.

29th June. Update to David Whiting 1793-1876. He had met and married a Derby lass whilst in the Militia, but he was not the only person from Burton End, Haverhill, to do so..

30th June. Update to Mary Ann Whiting 1856-1901 - death date.

4th July. 1871 census page created. Links/new pages to come. Entry for Susannah Mason c.1837-? and Kate Laura Whiting 1865-1934.

5th July. Entry for Genetta Florence Whiting 1867-1941 and Ethelinda Hannah Whiting 1870-1889.

6th July. Entry for Eliza Tatt c.1843-1915 and Mary Ann Whiting 1863-1955.

7th July. Entry for Joseph Whiting 1869-1946 and Frank Whiting 1866-1939.

11th July. Entry for Emma Challis 1833-1892, Mary Ann Whiting 1867-?, Emma Barber 1851-1886 and Sarah Ann Whiting 1862-?

12th July. Entry for Eliza Whiting 1866-1945?

13th July. Entry for William Whiting 1870-1943.

14th July. Update to Caroline Whiting 1851-1890 - account of the death of her husband Isaac Argent. Update to Thomas Whiting 1852-1930? - to add to his catalogue of misdeeds, an assault on his mother-in-law in 1880. Update to James Whiting c.1815-?, information on the Stirling Castle prison hulk.

15th July. Update to Sarah Ann Whiting 1862-1927, including burial information from Braintree Cemetery Services.

18th July. Update to Emily Whiting 1858-1906 - account of her fight with Maryann Marsh. Update to Genetta Whiting 1867-1941 - information about the Mason's Arms being licenced to her husband. Update to Edward Ship -c.1813-1874. - in trouble for a fight with James Farrant. Update to Jesse Whiting c.1842-1909 - he and daughter Jane fined for school attendance offences. Update to William Whiting 1870-1943 - son Herbert died after fall from pram.

20th July. Entry for Sarah Backler 1848-1928? - one of a handful of individuals on this site born outside of East Anglia.

21st July. Entry for Eliza Clark 1841-1874. Entry for Martha Argent 1822-1895?

22nd July. Entry for Joseph Whiting 1862-1912.

23rd July. Entry for Edith Whiting 1866-?, Thomas Buttle 1820-1879, Stephen Arthur Whiting 1867-1906 and Caroline Rebecca Whiting 1869-1877.

24th July. Entry for Susannah Turner 1839-1897, David Whiting 1864-1927 and Charles Whiting 1867-1940. Probate details added for Kate Laura Whiting 1865-1934 and Amos Jonas Whiting 1858-1935.

26th July. Entry for Elizabeth Whiting 1863-1912?

27th July. Update to David Whiting 1819-1892. Photo of a gravestone I didn't even know existed. Update to Charles Henry Whiting 1819-1892 - image of gravestone. Update to Martha Argent 1822-1895 - gravestone image. Update to George Whiting 1830-1919 - gravestone image. Update to Joseph Whiting 1869-1946 - gravestone image.

31st July. Update to Sophia Betts 1824-1861 - thanks to Grant Betts for finding her on the 1841 census.

4th August. Entry for Emma Cole 1843-1915 and Mary Ann Poole 1856-1934.

5th August. Another grave-finding expedition to Haverhill Cemetery. Ably assisted by Robert Vinten.

6th August. Entry for William Whiting 1864-1941 - picture of gravestone.

7th August. Entry for Ellen Whiting 1866-1939.

8th August. Entry for Alice Whiting 1868-1918.

9th August. Entry for John Whiting 1870-1937, William Whiting 1865-1944 and Daniel Whiting 1868-1902.

10th August. Entry for Sophia Whiting 1871-1945 or 1958.

11th August. Entry for Ellen Smith 1841-1881.

14th August. Entry for Mary Ann Whiting c.1863-1926? - mystery surrounds her marriage with William Farrant. Were they living seperate lives?

15th August. Entry for Jane Whiting 1868-1921.

18th August. Update to Moses Whiting 1843-1915 - interesting suggestion from Paul Garrard about his condition leading up to the murder.

19th August. Entry for Joseph Whiting 1869-1943 - a soldier who served for 21 years, first in the Royal Field Artillery and then the Army Service Corps. Entry for Emma Whiting 1863-1954. Update to Family Trees - descendants of John Whiting and descendants of Daniel Whiting.

21st August. Entry for Lewis Albert Whiting 1864-1943 - Served in the Labour Corps during the First World War at the age of 50.

23rd August. Entry for Alice Laura Whiting 1870-1909. 1871 census entries completed. Entry for Caroline Whiting 1865-1962?

25th August. Entry for Eliza Whiting c.1867-1900 and James Whiting 1867-1940.

26th August. Update to Lewis Albert Whiting - photo of 24th Labour Company supplied by Michael Young, expert on the ASC and author of 'Army Service Corps 1902-1918'. Update to John Whiting 1870-1937 - details of his war-time service record. He was also in the ASC and Labour Corps.

30th August. Update to Ruth Whiting 1834-? She and her husband seemed to disappear after the 1871 census, but it seems likely her first husband died and she entered into another relationship.

2nd September. Finally, the confusion with Edmund Whiting's daughters is cleared up. The unidentified female is Elizabeth Whiting, and Sophia Whiting was also known as Mary Ann, although the reason for this is unclear.

13th September. Entry for John William Whiting 1870-1897? - the 1891 census reveals he was a private in the Rifle Brigade, but after this he proves to be elusive. However, a transcription of a memorial to fallen members of the 3rd Battalion Rifle Brigade at Rawalpindi, in what was then India, could hold the key..

23rd September. New Pages: Haverhill Cemetery and Cemetery Map.

27th September. Photos entered on the Haverhill Cemetery page. Update to John Whiting c.1815-1887 - photo and comments.

1st October. Entry for 1881 Census. Links and new pages to follow.

3rd October. Entries for Harriet Backler 1856-1930, Catherine Agnes Whiting 1875-? and Lily Jane Whiting 1877-?

4th October. Entries for Ethel Gertrude Whiting 1879-?, Mary Tilbrook 1828-1905, and Caroline Whiting 1863-1907.

5th October. Entries for Emma Farrant 1854-1937 and Lucy Clover c.1835-?

7th October. Entries for Frances Whiting 1870-? and Joseph Jabez Whiting 1873-1950.

8th October. Entry for Ruth Whiting 1878-1966.

9th October. Entry for John William Whiting 1876-1952.

10th October. Update to James Whiting c.1815-? - 'malicious trespass' in 1838. Update to Alice Laura Whiting 1870-1909 - In the papers as a witness to a fatal cart accident in 1894. Update to George Whiting 1830-1919. In 1882 he was served notice to pull down a property he owned in Burton end.

18th October. Entry for Alice Whiting 1880-1961.

25th October. Entry for Martha Elizabeth Whiting 1874-1956?

30th October. Update to Esther Whiting 1848-1930 - further details about her husband Frederick's Business. Entry for George James Whiting 1877-1937, who worked for the Salvation Army.

31st October. Entry for Margaret Annie Whiting 1880-?

1st November. Entry for Harry Whiting 1876-1909.

3rd November. Entry for Frederick Whiting 1878-1951? - stayed in Canada (where his daughter was born) before returning to Haverhill.

6th November. Entry for Arthur Whiting c.1879-1952?

9th November. Entry for William Beavis 1847-?

10th November. Entry for Alice Whiting 1873-1965. Worked as a housekeeper in London and died at the grand old age of 91.

11th November. Entry for Eliza Iron 1859-1940.

14th November. Check out Paul Garrard's blog post 'Oh Moses! - murder in the family' for a thought-provoking article about Moses Whiting.

15th November. Entry for Frank Whiting 1879-1955. Frank fought in the Great War at the age of 37 and was wounded on 9th October 1917. The War diary exists for the actual days fighting in which this took place. Thanks to Matt Whiting, of 3photoshop, a direct descendant of Frank, for use of the picture from his great sitewww.ceciljackwhiting.co.uk

20th November. Entry for George Whiting 1871-?

23rd November. Entry for Susan Whiting 1871-1961 and George Samuel Whiting 1873-1900.

1st December. Oops, just stepped on a genealogical banana-skin. I've discovered a mix-up with two Arthur Whitings born around the same time. Both had fathers called Thomas and wives called Emily. I'd done an entry for Arthur Whiting c.1879-1952 as a hybrid of both!

4th December. Problem solved. It turns out Arthur Whiting 1880-1951? deserted from the Army during the First World War and seems to have relocated to Poole, Dorset.

5th December. Entry for Fanny Ager Whiting 1874-1958.

31st December. Waiting on a transcription that should shed some light on a Whiting with an Australian connection, and a GRO certificate that will help clear up which Thomas Whiting it was that died in 1930. Happy New Year!


2nd January. Entry for Benjamin Whiting 1876-1975 - a rope-spinner by trade, I was amazed to find actual footage of him at work in 1946 on the East Anglia Film Archive website.

6th January. Update to Thomas 'Chummy' Whiting 1852-1930. The story of his final years revealed and confirmation of his date of death.

15th January. Entry for Emma Spicer 1852-1926.

16th January. Updates to Ruth Whiting 1878-1966 and Joseph Jabez Whiting 1873-1950 - Electoral Register details plus more children.

17th January. Update to Frank Whiting 1866-1939 - 1911 census and Electoral Register details.

3rd February. Entry for Ezra Whiting c.1758-1801 - Left home, changed his name and sailed the seas in Nelson's Navy, seeing action at the Battle of Algeciras Bay before meeting his fate in Portsmouth harbour.

4th February. Update to John Whiting c.1780-1862 and William Whiting c.1782-1866 Thanks to Lauraine McPhee for records from Haverhill Parish Chest giving a valuable insight into the Marriages and Militia service of both.

2nd March. Entry for Rose Whiting1880-? - strictly speaking a Whiting by birth, although her maiden name is more commonly referred to as Boreham.

3rd March. Entry for my grandmother's cousin Arthur Whiting 1880-1953, who worked at Wilkins tailors in the High Street.

12th March. I've had a few email problems with replies to correspondence, so if you've not had a reply the first time please feel free to try haverhillwhitings@yahoo.co.ukinstead of the contact form.

13th March. Update to Joseph Jabez Whiting 1873-1950 - details of his school attendance (plus some of his children's), which also gives his date of birth. Thanks also to Juno, Joseph's Great Granddaughter, for getting in touch with information.

14th March. Update to Mary Ann Whiting 1863-1955, Frank Whiting1866-1939 and Joseph Whiting1869-1946 - Baptism dates at Old Independent Church, thanks to Lauraine McPhee. Update to Kate Laura Whiting 1865-1934 - the 1911 census reveals she was in service in Bournemouth.

7th April. New entry for Robert Boreham 1861-1944, husband ofSarah Ann Whiting 1862-1927. Thanks to Linda Hendry for the picture.

23rd April. New entry for Jabez Balfour Whiting 1878-1966. Rose to the rank of Company Sergeant Major in the Royal Engineers and was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal whilst in Aden during the First World War.

6th May. 1891 census page created. Links/new pages to come.

7th May. Entry for Annie Maria Cracknell 1867-1937, wife ofJoseph Whiting. Picture of gravestone included.

8th May. Entry for Charles Whiting 1891-?. He moved to West Bergholt and worked for Daniell & Sons Brewery. I found him on the Brewery History Society website featured on a plaque of employees who served in the Great War.

11th May. Update to Amos Jonas Whiting 1858-1935. Picture, and obituary from The Essex Chronicle. Update to Henry Whiting 1857-1935. Picture.

12th May. Update to Charles Whiting 1891-?. Picture of the plaque mentioned above.

21st May. Entry for Annie Whiting 1869-1954. Originally from Hundon, but in Haverhill on the 1891 census. Married a Congregational Minister.

28th May. Entry for Grace Whiting 1888-1962.

29th May. Entry for Kate Ethel Whiting 1882-1960.

2nd June. Entry for Sarah Whiting c.1778-1850. Married James Teverson and lived in Little Thurlow.5th June. Update to Joseph Whiting 1808-1868. Burial place identified as Victoria Park Cemetery, Hackney. Now Meath Gardens.

6th June. Update to Sarah Whiting 1830-1900, Edmund Whiting 1832-1895 and Rebecca Cole 1805-1878. Birth and baptism dates.

9th June. Update to Phoebe Whiting 1844-1923 - previously on the 'missing' list, investigation has finally revealed her life events.

19th June. Updates to Emily Jane Thake 1859-1921, Mary Tilbrook 1828-1905 - baptism dates. Update to Joseph Whiting 1869-1946 - marriage details.28th October. Update to George William Whiting 1871-1926. Previously on the 'missing' list, the mystery about how his life unfolded has been cleared up thanks to information from Jenny Henson, a direct descendant of his father George Scott Whiting.

24th August. If you have not received a reply to your 'contact me' enquiry, please make sure emails from the addresssimonhutchison@yahoo.co.uk are not being sent to your spam folder.22nd October. Update to William Whiting 1827-1894. Birth and Baptism date.

25th August. Update to Eliza Tatt c.1843-1915 - father's origins.17th October. Updates toHaverhill Cemetery and many individuals. The Suffolk Burial Index, issue 2, from Suffolk Family History Society has been v.helpful for filling in missing death details.

27th August. Entries for Arthur Charles Whiting 1885-1964,Minnie Annie Whiting 1888-1981 and Charles William Whiting 1882-1912.11th October. Update to John Whiting c.1780-1862 - at last, a date and location for his marriage to Mary Scotcher.

28th August. Entries for Esther Harriet Whiting 1885-1893 and Ernest Albert Whiting 1886-1892. Update to Jesse Whiting 1842-1909 - youngest daughter Kate now attributed to his first wife.7th October. Update to Ephraim Whiting 1849-1927 - 1871 census details

29th August. Entry for Kate Whiting c.1881-1977?6th October. Entry for Daniel Whiting 1889-1972. Update to Eliza Whiting 1866-1945? - husband George Basham's war service details.

10th September. Entry for Joseph Whiting 1884-1960.3rd October. Entry for Cecil Frank Whiting 1891-1916 - died during the Great War serving with the Royal Garrison Artillery. Thanks to Mick McCann for permission to use a photo from his great sitewww.britishwargraves.com

11th September. Update to Family Trees. It's been a while, so lots of new names added. Tree for John Whiting 1780-1862 replaced by one for James Whiting 1754-1827 (which includes John).27th September. Update to James Whiting c.1815-? - a trip to the National Archives finally reveals who his father was, and what happened to him after he was put on the Stirling Castleconvict hulk in Portsmouth harbour awaiting transportation..

13th September. Updates to Charles William Whiting 1882-1912, and George James Whiting1877-1937. Salvation Army obituary details giving an insight into their lives kindly supplied by Jacqui Ramsden, great granddaughter of Charles.24th September. Update to Ellen Elizabeth Whiting 1850-1932. Previously on the missing list, now found to be the youngest daughter of Joseph Whiting 1808-1868. After moving to London, she's been traced through two marriages back to Haverhill on the 1881 census.

14th September. Update to Charles Whiting 1891-?. Still working at brewery after the war.22nd September. Entry for Robert Whiting c.1835-1911. Died a pauper and buried at Haverhill Cemetery, but no birth record or appearance on censuses in Haverhill. Who is he??

19th September. Further update to Charles Whiting 1891-1962? - entries for his marriage and children thanks to information kindly supplied by Ian Parker and Jason Whiting.

30th October. Entry for Sarah Whiting 1886-1930.

1st November. Entry for Elizabeth Whiting c.1776-?

12th November. Entry for Albert William Whiting 1890-1957.

13th November. Entry for Rose Lily Whiting 1886-1951.

16th November. Update to Jabez Balfour Whiting 1878-1966. Children's baptism records from British Library Asian & African Studies Room.

19th November. Update to John William Whiting 1870-1897. Extracts from Rifle Brigade Chronicle.

20th November. Entry for Harry Whiting 1888-1975? His wife died in childbirth in 1912. Did he marry again? It's unclear what happens to him after this point..

30th November. Update to Cecil Frank Whiting 1891-1916. Details of his death during WW1 from an account by Harry Whiting. Thanks to Bob Revie.

2nd December. Update to Arthur Whiting 1880-1950. death details confirmed.

3rd December. Update to Cecil Frank Whiting 1891-1916. Clarification of exactly how he died from the 91st Siege Battery diary. Extracts kindly supplied by Mike Reeve, whose grandfather Richard Shrive was actually an Officer in the 91st during the Great War.

14th December. Update to Sophia Whiting 1839-1875 - her Australian adventure. Tales of drunkenness, prostitution, and a grisly murder..

Update to Henry Whiting 1841-1920 - photo of gravestone fromwww.australiancemeteries.com, a great free resource.

Update to Rebecca Whiting 1823-1886. Photo of her husband John Midson's grave from Maria Kotynia's site 'Headstones from Cemeteries of Tasmania'.

15th December. Update to Sophia Scotcher Whiting 1821-1879. Photo of her gravestone, thanks to Kym from Dead Search.

20th December. Update to Emma Buttle 1843-1920. Photo of her gravestone, thanks again to Kym from Dead Search.

27th December. Update to Stephen Arthur Whiting 1867-1906. Death Certificate explains his cause of death and circumstances at the time.

29th December. Update to Robert Whiting c.1834-1911. His Death Certificate shows him to have originated from London before ending his days at Risbridge Union Workhouse.

30th December. Update to Mary Ann Whiting 1856-1901. Marriage Certificate.


5th January. Update to Edmund Whiting 1832-1895. Death Certificate.

18th January. Entry for Ethel May Whiting 1881-1958.

20th January. Entry for Celia Whiting 1886-1936.

27th January. Entry for Herbert William Whiting 1885-1928. Born in Haverhill, Herbert spent his first few years there before moving to London.

Entries for John Arthur Whiting 1886-1948 and Frederick James Whiting 1883-? (who was blind), brothers of Herbert.

28th January. Entries for Albert Whiting 1875-?, Christiana Whiting 1878-1954, William Whiting 1881-? and Ellen Whiting 1883-?. All children of John Whiting, of Little Wratting. It is not clear what happened to Albert, William or Ellen.

Update to Harry Whiting/Whybrow 1861-1940. On the 1861 censusas a child of David and Elizabeth Whiting, he turns out to be their daughter Ellen's child, born out of wedlock.

29th January. Update to Hephzibah Whiting 1795-1809. Her unfortunate accident features in John Webb's 'Haverhill, the market town, and other poems' of 1810.

2nd February. Entry for Winifred Grace Whiting 1890-1941. Details of her husband's mysterious death at Denmark Hill Station in 1929 including newspaper reports.

3rd February. Update to Catherine Agnes Whiting 1875-1948. Previously on the missing list, her birth was registered as Agnes Kate Maria Backler and she was to marry under this name.

4th February. Updates to daughters of Edmund Whiting- Sophia Whiting 1858-1940?,Elizabeth Whiting c.1860-1942 and Frances Whiting 1870-?. Their whereabouts in later life pieced together from electoral registers.

New entry for Sarah Whiting c.1831-1893, daughter of George Whiting of Withersfield.

5th February. Update to George Whiting 1808-1884. Details of fire in Withersfield in which George's house was destroyed and the trial for arson of James Chapman and Joseph Moore. Newspaper reports included.

Entry for William Whiting c.1833-1877, Son of George.

6th February. Entry for Hannah Whiting c.1835-1871. Entry for Richard Whiting 1838-? - originally from Withersfield, he vanished after the 1851 census. Two possible further sightings, one in the Grenadier Guards. Entry for Elizabeth Whiting 1841-1904.

10th February. Update to Joseph Whiting 1869-1943. Photo of gravestone in Withersfield churchyard.

11th February. Update to Ellen Elizabeth Whiting 1850-1882. Thanks to her great grandson John Pavey for some excellent photos of Ellen throughout her life.

14th February. Entry for Samuel Whiting 1861-? - Another one for the 'missing' list. Last seen stealing turkeys under an alias!

15th February. Entry for Sarah Whiting c.1866-? - ran a lodging house in Regents Park, unsure if she remained in London.

16th February. Entry for George Whiting 1867-1940.

18th February. Entry for Mary Ann Whiting 1870-? and Charles Whiting 1873-1898.

19th February. Entry for William Whiting 1875-1909.

23rd February. Update to Mary Ann Whiting 1867-1947. Thanks to Jo Taylor, her great granddaughter, for the photo and marriage/death details.

6th March. Update to John Whiting 1845-1935, Ellen Whiting 1883-1905, William Whiting 1881-1939. Burial details from Little Wratting church register. Correction to Phoebe Whiting 1844-1919 - death year had previously been given as 1923.

9th March. Update to Sophia Whiting 1858-1940?. Details of her movements in the 1890's from the Creed Registers of Waterloo Road Workhouse, Bethnal Green.

13th March. Update to John Whiting c.1780-1862, his son Joseph Whiting 1808-1868 and William Whiting c.1782-1866. A trip to Suffolk Records Office has revealed some extra details about their militia service.

14th March. Update to Boaz Whiting 1839-1911. details of his third wife Elizabeth Marsh including her parentage. Update toMary Ann Whiting c.1867-1947 - her husband George was the son of a different Elizabeth Marsh. Updates to George Whiting 1867-1940, Alice Whiting 1880-1961,Harry Whiting 1888-1975? - marriage details.

19th March. Entry for Kate Mary Ann Whiting 1868-1919.

29th March. New page for Burials at St Mary's Church, Haverhill. This shows information given with the original entry as well as extra notes and source details.

5th April. New entry for Daniel Whiting c.1725-1782? - who is the 'daddy' responsible for a large proportion of the Whitings on this site. A marriage I had spotted years ago, but had somehow discounted, is now attributed to him courtesy of a reply to my lookup request on Rootschat.com.

7th April. Update to Cecil Frank Whiting 1891-1916. Picture of Cecil and new information many thanks to Crispin Whiting, grandson of Cecil's brother Stanley.

13th April. Entry for Robert Whiting c.1755-1837. He ended up moving to Woolwich. A letter I found in the Suffolk Records Office dated 1806 gives an interesting glimpse into his life there.

18th April. Update to William Whiting c.1782-1866 - clues as to his parentage.

19th April. Update to Hephzibah Whiting 1795-1809 - another mention from Barnabas Webb's diary.

22nd May. Update to Lucy Whiting nee Clover c.1835-1914 - A chance discovery amongst London Poor Law Union records lets us finally find out what happened to her and track her movements in and out of various county Asylums. A doctors examination report also describes why she was there...

30th May. Entry for my great grandfather Frank Whiting 1882-1952.

1st June. Entry for Albert Whiting 1873-1940 - he had an action packed military career in which he served in the navy, royal marines and hussars.

9th June. Update for Albert Whiting 1875-? - Previously on the 'Missing' list, it turns out he married in London and emigrated to Canada.

19th June.A visit to Cambridgeshire Records Office. Updates to Alfred Whiting 1855-1916 - marriage details, Ephraim Whiting 1849-1927 - burial details, James Whiting 1867-1940 - marriage and burial details. George William Whiting 1871-1926 - baptism details.

21st June. Update to Elizabeth Whiting c.1860-1942, Sarah Whiting 1830-1900, Catherine Agnes Whiting 1875-1948 - burial details.

4th July. Update to Caroline Whiting 1851-1890 - thanks to John Orchard for details from her and her husband's death certificates.

17th July. Last, but not least.. the final entry for the 1891 census - Bennett Whiting 1883-1962.

From humble origins to what would be a millionaire businessman in modern terms, his entry will be a long one hence the 'to be continued' status!

26th July. 1901 Census started. New entries to follow..

27th July. Entry for Hilda Agnes Irene Whiting 1893-1949.

29th July. Entry for David Spencer Whiting 1892-1915. One of only two Haverhill Whitings killed in the Great War, the other being Cecil Frank Whiting.3rd September.

Update to Martha Argent 1822-1895 - marriage details. Thanks to Rootschat.

31st July. Update to Harry Whiting 1888-1975. Picture and information thanks to grandson Colin Farrant. Update to Charles Whiting 1891-1962 - marriage details.

5th August. Entries for Ada Whiting nee Smoothy 1872-1950, and Florence Ethel Whiting 1896-? who I've been unable to trace after the 1911 census.

10th August. Update to Ephraim Whiting 1849-1927. Photo and grave map thanks to Leverington churchwarden Julia King.

13th August. ...A long overdue overview - what we have on the Whitings before the 1841 census.

30th August. Update to Boaz Whiting 1839-11 - details of his workhouse admissions from the Risbridge Union House creed register.

14th October. Entry for Kate Baines/Baynes 1870-1939, wife of Albert Lewis Whiting.

28th October. Entry for May Lily Whiting 1891-1952.

31st October. Entries for brothers Arthur Whiting 1892-1949, Herbert Whiting 1897-1955 and Sidney Ernest Whiting 1900-1965.

2nd November. Entries for Albert Ernest Whiting 1895-1978 and Leonard William Whiting 1895-1928.


6th January. Update to Kate Baines 1870-1939. Details of her death, thanks to Lauraine MacPhee.

14th January. Entry for Albert James Whiting 1898-1957. Service Records show his involvement in WW1. Afterwards he was landlord of The Artilleryman Pub in Colchester.

21st January. Update to William Whiting 1864-1941. Picture of William at the Rope Works added.

New entry for William's son, Clifford John Whiting 1899-1978.

26th January. Entry for Bertram Whiting 1900-1961.

27th January. Entry for Alice Whiting 1893-1973.

31st January. Entry for Nellie Whiting 1897-1963? She married Ronald H Wood, a soldier, in 1920. Which regiment did he belong to?

1st February. Entry for sisters Lily May Whiting 1893-1976, Beatrice Whiting 1895-1976 and Gladys Dorothy Whiting 1898-? who vanishes after the 1911 census. One for the missing list...

2nd February. Entry for Annie Whiting 1900-1979, Hetty May Whiting 1898-1995, and Dorothy Ellen Whiting 1900-1998.

3rd February. Entry for Grace Hilda Maud Whiting 1895-1980.

5th February. Update to Sarah Ann Whiting 1862-1927 and Robert Boreham 1861-1944. Photos of their graves at Braintree cemetery.

7th February. Entry for Ethel Whiting 1892-1981? Thanks to her granddaughter Jean Griffin for info about her husband and children. Still not 100% sure about her death date..

19th February.

Update to Frank Whiting 1879-1955. Details of a second marriage.

24th February.

Update to William Whiting 1827-1894. Details of a court case involving his business and his grandson, William Butler. Newspaper report included.

26th February.

Update to Daniel Whiting 1889-1972. Picture of his grave at Stowmarket cemetery.

Update to George William Whiting 1871-1926. Burial details.

28th February.

Entry for Albert Whiting 1885-1958. An illegitimate child who was born a Whiting but became part of the Barrett family after his mother married. He served with the Durham Light Infantry during WW1 and was taken prisoner at the Battle of Lys in 1918.

3rd March.

Entry for Charlotte Whiting 1867-1943. Another person born a Whiting, then going under the name Argent before marrying into the Claydon family.

4th March.

Following the theme of people born Whiting but assuming other names - an entry for George Shipp/Whiting 1879-1944. Update to Elizabeth Whiting 1863-1912 (George's mother)

12th March.

Update to Mary Ann Whiting 1865-1926. Burial details, and more about second 'husband' Frederick Sier.

13th March.

New family tree for descendants of Daniel Whiting c.1725-1782?

19th March.

Update to Rebecca Whiting (Midson) 1823-1883, who emigrated to Australia.

Update to Susannah Whiting 1829-1852. Marriage details, plus information about her husband Stephen Williams, who, after her death, also relocated to Australia.

21st March.

Update to Albert Whiting 1875-1944. Death date and burial details thanks to Ontario Genealogical Society.

26th March.

Another update to Daniel Whiting 1889-1972. It turns out he was married to two different Alices. At the same time!

30th March.

Update to Thomas Whiting 1852-1930. details of a conviction for assault and non-payment of poor rates at Wimbish.

9th April.

Update to Charles Henry Whiting 1819-1892 - A newspaper extract reveals he ran the Australian Arms in Hamlet Road. Update to Robert Whiting 1755-1837 - more details about the pub mentioned in his letter of 1806.

12th April.

Update to Rose Whiting 1880-1963 - information about her whereabouts in later years thanks to Ann Abbott.13th April.

Update to Mary Ann Whiting 1863-1955 - Some great photos courtesy of Patrick Ives, great grandson of Mary Ann, plus information on the Ives family. Update to Joseph Whiting 1869-1946 - details of a second marriage and picture, also thanks to Patrick.

5th May.

Update to Bennett Whiting 1883-1962. More pictures and information thanks to Clive Hutchins, great grandson of Bennett.

11th May.

Update to Elizabeth Whiting 1863-1912. Confirmation of her death date thanks to her great granddaughter Karen Lampe. Update to George Shipp/Whiting 1879-1944. His daughter Elizabeth hadn't died in infancy. Karen assured me she was in fact her grandmother!

30th May.

Update to George Shipp/Whiting 1879-1944. He had an illegitimate son, Ernest, who I'd previously recorded as a younger brother.

8th October.

..four months have slipped by during which time I've been side-tracked by some other family trees. Nice to come back to familiar territory! Update to Frederick Whiting 1878-1951 and Minnie Annie Whiting 1888-1981 - death dates confirmed plus details of their cremation at Cambridge and Counties Crematorium, Dry Drayton. Update to Leonard William Whiting 1895-1928 - details of his war service in the RFC/RAF.

9th October.

Update to Thomas Whiting 1853-1934. Details of his death, and copy of the certificate.

20th December.

Update to Frances Whiting1870-? Records from Bethnal Green Union confirm some family details and show how unsettled her life was in the 1890's and early C20th.


14th January.

Update to Albert James Whiting 1898-1957. Some great pictures with kind permission of Anne Newman.

21st January.

Update to Mary Anne Whiting 1863-1955 . Picture of grave of Thomas & Susan Ives, courtesy of Patrick Ives.

8th May.

Update to Albert James Whiting 1898-1957. Extracts from War Diaries for the King's Liverpool Regiment give an interesting account of the action he would have seen during WW1.

13th May.

Updates to Hannah Whiting 1827-? and Anne Whiting 1845-?. Both daughters of Joseph Whiting and Rebecca Cole, but there's a bit of confusion between these two. Bethnal Green workhouse examination records suggest that facts formerly attributed to Hannah may relate to Anne instead.

19th June.

Update to Emma Buttle 1843-1920. Pictures from the trip Emma's great great granddaughter Fiona Errington recently took to Flinders Range where the Buttles/Butlers settled in South Australia.

3rd July.

Update to James Whiting c.1815-? - New criminal records on Findmypast (National Archives series HO13) reveal record of the instance of his pardon in 1847.

2nd October.

Entry for Harry Whiting 1895-1984. Harry served in the Royal Garrison Artillery during the First World War, and extracts from his own account, coupled with his surviving service record and the 100th Siege Battery war diary provide a compelling insight into the wartime experiences of a Haverhill native.

3rd October.

Entry for the 1911 census showing Whitings in Haverhill. Some individuals listed have links already, other will be completed in due course.

Entries for William John Whiting1903-? and Gladys Annie Whiting1907-?, both children of William Whiting of Withersfield and Hannah Claydon.

4th October.

Entry for Alice Whiting 1909-2000, born in Ontario and strongly connected with the Brazier family.

10th October.

Photo of gravestone of Mary Ann Whiting (Ives) 1863-1955 at Haverhill Cemetery, Thanks to Patrick Ives.

7th November.

Entry for John William Whiting1904-1978.

12th November.

A further mention of Percy Whiting, who was killed in the First World War. He was the son of Ephraim Whiting 1849-1927.


Advertisement: A book called 'At The Border', edited by local historian Dr Patrick Crouch has been published by The Haverhill Local History Group in association with Romary Books.

As an anthology featuring some really interesting articles from the group's journal the 'Haverhill Historian', it is a great introduction to the research undertaken by the History Group.

If you have connections with a Haverhill surname, or a general interest in the town there's almost certainly something here that will interest you.

It is dedicated to my grandmother, and features a piece on her uncle Bennett Whiting.

Although not available online at present due to a limited print-run, I'm reliably informed it can be purchased from Henderson's Newsagents, 40 High Street, Haverhill. Tel: 01440 702762. They can order a copy for you, or you can contact Romary Books on 01440 714877 or Haverhill Local History Group haverhillhistuk@gmail.com for more details. Price on request.

3rd January.

Thanks to Roy Brazier for a correction on the page for Alice Whiting 1909-2000. Her husband Maurice was the son of Julia Brazier, although his marriage entry says otherwise.

5th January.

Update to Joseph Whiting 1873-1950 - Pictures of him and his eldest sons, and death/burial information on Joseph and his wife Letitia. Many thanks to his great grandson, Andrew Whiting.

7th February.

Entry for Ethel Winifred Evelyn Whiting 1902-1980. Update to Nellie Whiting 1897-1963. The regiment her husband served in is revealed.

26th March.

The 1939 Register on FindMyPast is throwing up interesting results for some of the Whitings on this site. It turns out that recent entry Ethel Whiting 1902-1980 didn't leave Haverhill to work as a domestic or teacher, she was an officer in the Salvation Army. Gladys Dorothy Whiting 1898-1989 has been rescued from the 'Missing Person' list courtesy of the 1939 Register. Turns out she married William B Hales in Chatham in 1921 and lived there afterwards.

18th April.

Update to Bertram Whiting 1900-1961. The 1939 Register shows that Bertram did marry. It also confirms his occupation as a dairy farmer. New entry for Catherine Nell Whiting 1903-1981.

29th April.

Entry for Emily Kathleen Whiting1902-1958?.

8th May.

Entry for Percy Ernest Whiting1902-1960.

9th May.

Update to John William Whiting1876-1952. The 1939 Register shows he was in fact married. Completed entry for a younger chap of the same name, John William Whiting 1897-1967.

16th May.

Entry for Annie Emily Whiting 1911-2000.

25th July.

Entry for Rosa May Whiting 1904-1950.

26th July.

Entry for Frank Herbert Whiting1903-1961.

2nd August.

Update to Albert Edward Whiting1901-1985.

4th August.

Entry for Arthur Clemson Whiting1904-1977.

5th August.

Update to Ezra Whiting 1758-1801 - records reveal he signed his name on a settlement certificate in Haverhill in 1780 as one of the overseers of the poor of the parish.

13th August.

Entry for Freda Evelyn Whiting1909-1992.

18th August.

Update to Jesse Whiting 1842-1909. An insightful old news article from the Suffolk and Essex Free Press in 1889 follows the events surrounding Jesse's run in with the law for assaulting his brother Boaz. Apparently Boaz had 'encouraged his wife out drinking' some 3 years prior to this and Jesse had held a grudge ever since!

Update to Henry Whiting 1825-1900. More details of the inquest into his accidental death.

Update to Phoebe Whiting 1844-1919. Details surrounding her trial for theft and subsequent discharge.

Update to Leonard William Whiting1895-1928 - cause of his death at a young age revealed.

19th August.

Update to Boaz Whiting 1839-1911. The fact that his fourth wife was almost half his age coupled with the fact that he liked his drink a bit too much, seems to have caused Boaz no end of trouble as a report from the Cambridge Daily Newstestifies to.

Update to Charles Henry Whiting1819-1892. Disruptive customers make the news at his pub in Haverhill Hamlet in 1887.

20th August.

Update to Elizabeth Archer 1772-1854. Further information about her and her siblings. Her brother Jeremiah was given a sentence of capital punishment for arson in 1792.

1st September.

Update to John Whiting 1785-1862. The West Suffolk Militia Enrolment and Description Register at the National Archives (WO68/463) gives a physical description of him, confirms his age and also when he joined and left the Militia.

19th October.

Updates to Beatrice Whiting 1895-1976 and Ethel Winifred Evelyn Whiting 1902-1980. Thanks to information from Anne Baker.

12th November.

Update to John Whiting 1870-1937. John's wife Kate had a brush with the law for assaulting a neighbour in 1901, but the case was dismissed.

Update to Boaz Whiting 1839-1911. Report in the Cambridge Daily News tells how Boaz' 4th wife Emma hits the high-street on a drunken rampage...

4th December.

New entry for Beatrice May Whiting(Farrant) 1909-1985. Thanks to Colin Farrant for the photos.

5th December.

Thanks to Patrick Ives for some gravestone photo updates for Henry Whiting 1857-1935 and Henry Whiting 1855-1917.

29th December.

Hope you all had a great Xmas. Updates to George Buttle 1845-1913 and Emma Buttle 1843-1920. Thanks to Kym Jones for pointing out that the Henery family owned Alpana Station where George was married and for some helpful background information. Update to Ezra Whiting c.1758-1801 .Thanks to John Orchard for helping out with dates for Ezra's second wife.


31st January

In Memoriam: Richard Whiting 1920-2017, passed away recently aged 96. Son of Arthur Whiting 1880-1953 and brother of Arthur Clemson Whiting 1904-1977 and Freda Evelyn Whiting 1909-1992 , Richard was born in Haverhill and kindly helped in supplying information for this site on several occasions.

5th March

Update to Arthur Whiting 1892-1949. Thanks to Wendy Sims for letting me know that her father Kenneth, Arthur's youngest son, who died recently aged 86 was missing from this page.

12th December

In Memoriam: Colin Farrant, who contributed to several pages on this site, and who passed away not long ago. Thanks to Karen Farrant for getting in touch, and sorry for not updating the site to reflect this sooner.

23rd December

Merry Christmas to all :)


1st January

Happy New Year! Good luck with tracking down your ancestors in the year ahead.

3rd February

Thanks to John Orchard, who has informed me that he's discovered DNA evidence that supports the attribution of Isaac Argent as the father of Charlotte Whiting 1867-1943.

30th July

Update to Rose Whiting 1880-1963. 1939 Register shows her living in Leamington Spa. Update to Rose Lily Whiting 1886-1951 and Alice Whiting 1880-1961 - 1939 Register shows them at 93 Burton End.

Update to Walter Whiting 1858-1945 and Minnie Annie Whiting 1888-1981, both living at 61 North Circular Rd, Edmonton, on the 1939 Register.

Update to May Lily Whiting 1891-1952: 1939 Register. Update to Hilda Agnes Irene Whiting 1893-1949: 1939 Register.

31st July

Update to Albert William Whiting 1890-1957: 1939 Register. Update to Albert Whiting 1873-1940: 1939 Register. Update for Elsie May Whiting 1908-1991. Her life after the 1911 census is revealed.

1st August

The diaries of Barnabas Webb; a gift that keeps on giving.

There is a lesser-known second diary kept at Essex Record Office entitled 'a chronological account of deaths, murders, etc.,' dating from 1826-1850.

In it, there are some mini-bios of all manner of Haverhill inhabitants. Seriously recommended if you have ancestors from Haverhill who died in this period.

The following Whitings get a mention:

Update to James Whiting c.1754-1827. Daniel Whiting c.1752-1830. New entry for Daniel Whiting 1816-1833.

2nd August

Three more gone from the 'Missing Whitings' list; Margaret Annie Whiting 1880-1971, who was last seen on the 1911 census living in London with husband Harry A Taylor, turns up in Canada when immigration there was reaching its peak in 1912-13. Thanks to Darel on findagrave for the photo.

Mary Ann Whiting 1870-1947 has been found on the 1939 Register and can be tracked down in Enfield through Electoral Registers.

Florence Ethel Whiting 1896-1966 moved down to West Ham with her mother and step-father and married there in 1921. She also turns up on the 1939 Register.

11th August

A step further back for the Whitings? The marriage of Daniel Whiting and Sarah Bridge in 1718 make them a good fit to be the parents of Daniel Whiting c.1725-1782. Worth a mention as they are available to find on several family history websites. A work in progress, but if they are Daniel's parents, then we are back into the 17th Century at last.

14th August

Updates to Daniel Whiting 1783-1854, John Whiting c.1785-1862, Elizabeth Hilsdon c.1750-1842, Elizabeth Poole c.1816-1867. Details from GRO PDF death certs.

17th August

Update to George Whiting 1867-1940. Details for death of 1st wife Elizabeth Webb from GRO PDF death cert.Best wishes for the New Year!

29th September

Update to Boaz Whiting 1839-1911. Extra details from death certs for him and his wives courtesy of Sheila Marsh. Update to Mary Ann Whiting 1866-1947. Thanks again to Sheila Marsh.

16th October

Update to Elizabeth Whiting (Shipp) 1863-1912. More on her children, several of which were known by different names.

25th October

Update to Elizabeth Whiting (Shipp) 1863-1912. Pictures of her daughter Kate and son-in-law Charles Norman, thanks to Colin Norman.

Update to Minnie Annie Whiting 1856-1928. Her second husband Alexander Webb was in fact the son of Barnabas Webb of diary fame. Thanks to Sheila Marsh for pointing this out.

2nd November

Update to Sophia Whiting 1858-1940. Death date and extra children.

25th December

Merry Xmas!

29th December

New entries for James Whiting c.1785-? and Amelia Whiting c.1782-1853, more children of Robert Whiting c.1755-1837 who were also born in Haverhill. Amelia is a previously undiscovered 'mystery' daughter who was traced from the 1851 census. She ended her days in Kent Asylum surrounded by 'evil spirits, witches, animals, etc.,' If you have ancestors who were in Oakwood Hospital, Maidstone (Kent Asylum) be sure to check out their detailed patient records at Maidstone Library and History Centre.


1st January

Happy history-hunting in the year ahead..

27th January

Update to Benjamin Whiting 1876-1975 - more children & 1939 Register entry identified.

New entry for Violet Gladys Whiting 1903-1990. Thanks to Sheila Marsh for pointing out she was born in Haverhill.

1st July

Update to Anne Whiting 1845-1928. No longer a 'missing person'; It has been discovered that she ended up in Cane Hill Asylum, Surrey, where she died aged 82 in 1928.

31st October

Update to Elizabeth Whiting (Shipp) 1863-1912. Picture of her daughter Phoebe and family, thanks to Colin Norman.

25th December

Happy Christmas to all!

28th December

New entries for Ann Whiting c.1777-1815 and Ruth Whiting c.1789-1866, daughters of Robert Whiting c.1755-1837 who were born in Haverhill, but grew up and lived in Woolwich, Kent.