John Jabez Whiting 1849-?

Parents: Sarah Whiting
Born: 25 June 1849 in Haverhill
Baptised: ?
Married: ?
Children: ?
Died: ?

Bio: John is on the 1851 census, aged 1 and living with his grandparents Joseph and Rebecca Whiting, but beyond that nothing more is known about him. My guess is that he is the illegitimate son of Sarah Whiting, who marries Thomas Nunn later that year. The Nunns went to live in London, but I have not found them on the 1861 census. There are, however, a number of London parishes that are missing from this census collection.

From his birth certificate, we see that there is a John Jabez Whiting born on 25 June 1849 in Haverhill, who was the illegitimate son of Sarah Whiting. It very much looks like this John could be him. (1)


(1) Birth Register. 3rd Quarter 1849, Risbridge District, Volume 4a Page 394