Haverhill Cemetery

Haverhill Cemetery was opened in 1867 in response to the lack of space available in St Mary's Church graveyard. It is situated just off Withersfield Road.

Below is a spreadsheet showing all the people with the surname Whiting who are buried there. Females who were born Whitings but were buried with their husband's surname are not mentioned on this list at present.

Cemeteries Registrar Sue MacDonald very kindly supplied me with a list of the names of Whitings buried in the cemetery from her database. It was then a question of trying to match them up with the Whiting individuals on this site.

Four lengthy grave-spotting trips were made to the cemetery (usually with an accomplice) to try and photograph as many of the Whiting graves as I could. Whether because of deterioration, removal or because they never had a stone in the first place, many could not be found. I can honestly say that I feel I managed to locate all the remaining readable gravestones of Whitings bar about one or two, but I'm happy to be proven wrong. Out of respect I haven't included any photos of recent burials.*

I had a bit of a think about the best order in which to list the graves, and in the end decided to do it by compartment. (The compartments are the sections into which the cemetery has been divided up as you'll see from the cemetery map) This way is useful because you get to see where couples/family members were buried together, as opposed to arranging it by date or alphabetically by name which would split them up.

The Burial Records Reference refers to the number given at http://www.haverhill-uk.com/pages/burial-records-137.htm where it is available. I have numbered each grave myself in the first column, and this can be used to identify graves on the map. Follow the links on the names of individuals to see their page on this site, and also the gravestone photos .

* I'm happy to put them on at the request of relatives.

Haverhill Cemetery Whitings