Rose Whiting 1880-1963

Parents: Sarah Ann Whiting and Robert Boreham(?)
Born: 3 July 1880 in Burton End, Haverhill. (1,8)
Baptised: ?
Married: Harry Dykes, 19, batchelor, engineer, of 198 Burton End, Haverhill, son of William Dykes, engineer, on 25th December 1900 at St Mary's Parish Church, Haverhill. Witnessed by M Bareham and Beatrice Dykes.(2,3)
Children: Bertram Clifford Dykes b.1901, Vera Lily Dykes b.1904, Elsie May Dykes b.1910, William H Dykes b.1914(4)
Died: 1963 in the Warwick district.(7)

Bio: Rose was 9 months old at the time of the 1881 census which would mean she was born around August 1880. Most likely she is the 'Rosanna Whiting' who is on the GRO registers as being born in the 3rd Quarter of 1880(1). Her mother Sarah Ann was not married to Robert Boreham at this time. Either she was their child born out of wedlock or there was another father, who's name we'll never discover. It is worth noting that on the parish register at the time of her marriage, Rose's father was not listed. On another marriage register for 1892-1924 the name of her father is given as 'Robert B..' and then this is crossed out.(6)

Starting off life in Burton End, Haverhill, living with her grandparents Henry and Mary Whiting and her mother and Uncles and Aunts, she was to move to Crowland Road after her mother married Robert Boreham and she is at No.26 on the 1891 census living with her parents and siblings. By this time she is adopting the surname Boreham and recognising Robert as her father. In fact, her maiden name is more commonly referred to as 'Boreham' although strictly speaking she was born a Whiting.

In 1900 Rose married Harry Dykes, an engineer living in Burton End. She is living at 28 Duddery Road at the time, which is where the Boreham family had moved to as we see from the 1901 census. On this census, Harry and Rose are living at 9 St Botolph's Place, Haverhill. Harry is a Steel Turner and Fitter, and Rose is not working.

By the 1911 census Rose and Harry are living at 4 Primrose Hill, Haverhill. They have three children, Bertram, Vera and Elsie and Harry is a mechanical engineer and electrician at a clothing and linen manufacturer (Gurteen's?).

They had one other child that I know of, William, who was born in 1914.(4)

I had not been able to trace records for when Rose or Harry died, but thanks to Ann Abbott (a descendent of Rose's aunt Caroline Boreham) who says that her parents visited Rose and Harry in Leamington Spa when they were married in 1943. Sure enough, Rose 'A' Dykes and Harry can be seen on the 1939 Register living at 49 Taylor Avenue, Royal Leamington Spa (8), and their son William is living with them.

It seems likely that 'our' Rose Dykes is the one who died in 1963 in the Warwick district.(7)

There is more evidence that some of the family moved to the midlands; their son Bertram Clifford, with a more easily traceable name is discovered as having died in Rugby in 1994.(5)


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