Eliza Tatt c.1843-1915

Parents: Joseph and Priscilla Tatt.
Born: c.1843 in Sturmer, Essex.
Baptised: ?
Married: Charles Whiting, batchelor of Burton End, Haverhill, son of John Whiting, labourer, on 13th May 1861 at St Mary's Parish Church, Haverhill. Witnessed by Joseph Bradford and Catherine Barber(3,4) Children: Mary Ann Whiting b.1864, Frank Whiting b.1866 and Joseph Whiting b.1869.
Died: March 1915 in Haverhill. Buried on 15th March 1915 at Haverhill Cemetery.(5,6)

Bio: Eliza is present on the 1851 census living in Peas Hill, Haverhill, with her parents Joseph and Priscilla. Joseph is an agricultural labourer, and Priscilla is working as a domestic. Joseph Tatt was baptised on 25th July 1813(9) at St Andrews Church, Sturmer, and was the son of William and Mary Tatt.

Eliza was born in Sturmer, so at some point during the second half of the 1840's they must have moved back to Haverhill; the birthplace of her mother. Joseph Tatt died in 1853,(7) and Priscilla married Jacob Kiddy in 1855.(8) On the 1861 census we see Jacob and Priscilla living in Burton End, and Eliza is there too - working as a weaver. Her birthplace is listed as Kedington, here, not Sturmer.

Next month, Eliza married Charles Whiting and the couple go on to have three children who are present on the 1871 census living in Queen Street, Haverhill, where the family are lodgers at the house of Eliza's mother and stepfather Jacob and Priscilla Kiddy.

The next census in 1881 finds Eliza and Charles still boarding with the Kiddys in Queen Street, and it is not long after this in 1885 that Charles died.

After Charles died, Eliza went to live with her daughter Mary Ann and her daughter's husband Albert Ives. She is here at 21 Duddery Road, Haverhill, on the 1891 census.

We find her here on the following census in 1901, and again, too, on the 1911 census.

Eliza died in 1915, and was buried alongside Charles in Haverhill Cemetery on 15th March.(5,6)


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