Family Trees

Here are some family trees in JPEG/PDF format showing the descendants of the different branches of the Whiting family on the 1841 census. You may need to enlarge them to view them properly. 
As the website grows I will update them with new information.
Descendants of James Whiting c.1754-1827.JPG        Last Updated: 11th September 2012
Descendants of William Whiting c.1782-1866.JPG       Last Updated: 12th April 2013
Descendants of Joseph Whiting c.1786-1844.JPG       Last Updated: 12th April 2013
Descendants of Daniel Whiting 1752-1830.JPG           Last Updated: 11th September 2012

NEW Descendants of Daniel Whiting c.1725-1785.PDF      Last Updated 13th March 2014.
Includes trees for James Whiting c.1754-1827, William Whiting c.1782-1866 and Daniel Whiting 1752-1830
(click link to download attachment in PDF format. Note: when you have downloaded the PDF you will need to enlarge the image to at least 300% to view it properly)