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William John Whiting 1903-?

Parents:       William Whiting and Hannah Claydon (1,2)

Born:            1903 in the Risbridge district (1)

Baptised:     ?

Married:        ?

Children:      ?

Died:             ?


Bio:               William John Whiting was born in 1903, the son of William Whiting and Hannah Claydon (1). Sadly, his father died when he was only six and he was brought up by his mother in Haverhill along with his younger sister Gladys. On the 1911 census they can be seen at 16 Union Square living with their grandmother Maria Claydon, who was a widow just like their mother.

To be Continued...

(1) Birth Register. 2nd Quarter 1903, Risbridge District, Volume 4a Page 923