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Joseph Whiting c.1786-1843

Parents:     ?

Born:          c.1786       

Baptised:   ?                      

Married:      Sarah Farecloth, on 25th December 1807 at St Mary's Parish Church, Haverhill. (1)        

Children:    George Whiting b.1808, Mary Ann Whiting b.1809, Ann Siggs Whiting b.1811, Lucy (Louisa) Whiting b.1813, John Whiting b.1815, Charles Henry Whiting b.1819, Susannah Whiting b.1823, Joseph Whiting b.1821 died in infancy(5), Sarah Whiting b.1825 and Elizabeth Whiting b.1828 died in infancy(4).

Died:            27th December 1843. Buried at St Mary's Parish Church on 2nd January 1844.(2,3)

Bio:              Joseph's parentage is uncertain. He appears on the 1841 census living in Burton End, Haverhill, with his wife Sarah, three daughters and a grand-daughter. He is working as a labourer. Joseph had given his name to a son, born on 29th June 1821(5), but he died in infancy and was buried on 18th October 1821(7). The family were in Burton End at this time. Another child, Elizabeth also died in infancy in 1829.(4) Living next door to Joseph is Charles, his son. In January 1844, the death of a Joseph Whiting is recorded in the parish registers. His age is given as 58 which corresponds exactly with this Joseph's age as given on the census. Also, at Joseph's daughter Sarah's marriage in November 1844 her father is referred to as deceased. On the parish register he is entered as being in Union House at this time, and of the death it is said 'Died in consequence of a fall from a wagon. Verdict of coroner's inquest - accidental death'. We see from the extract on the left, which was taken from The Ipswich Journal of Saturday, 13th January 1844(6), that his death arose from a compound fracture that never healed properly. On 11th August 1843 Joseph was being given a lift on a wagon from Linton back to Haverhill and had for some reason been allowed to take the reins. The breechings broke coming down the hill into Shudy Camps, the horses broke free and the occupants were thrown out. In the resulting chaos, the lead piping and contents of the wagon landed on Joseph breaking his thigh. He never fully recovered, and refusing amputation probably ultimately cost him his life. It turns out he had been treated at the infirmary of the Union House at the time of his demise as it had been convenient, and so had not actually been living there. The inquest took place on 1st January, and the newspaper suggests Joseph died on the previous Friday, 27th December 1843.
Extract reproduced with kind permission of The British Library. (click to enlarge)

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