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Emily Whiting 1839-?

Parents:     Henry Whiting and Mary Stevens (1)

Born:          2nd March 1839 in Burton End, Haverhill (1)

Baptised:   18th June 1839 at St Mary's Parish Church, Haverhill (1)                      

Married:     ?          

Children:   ?
Died:          ?    
Bio:             Emily is living with father, brother Daniel and grandparents Daniel and Elizabeth in Burton End on the 1841 census. By the 1851 census her father is dead and she is a scholar living with her grandparents, brother and cousin Ann Piper in Burton End. This is where I lose Emily - she doesn't appear on subsequent censuses.
Did she marry? I can't find her on the registers of St Mary's Parish Church, and if she died young, she doesn't seem to appear on the death/burial registers for the area.

(1) Suffolk Records Office, Bury St Edmunds, Parish Registers of St Mary's Church, Haverhill. Fiche 578/4/p10 of 37