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Elizabeth Whiting c.1776-?

Parents:         Daniel Whiting and Elizabeth Hilsdon (1,3)

Born:              c.1776 in Haverhill.

Baptised:       16th July 1776 at St Mary's Parish Church, Haverhill. (2)

Married:          John Loveday on 24th April 1798 at St Mary's Church, Little Wratting (8), or possibly John Smith on 31st December 1802 at St Mary's Parish Church, Haverhill. (1,3)

Children:        Loveday children ( be continued) or possibly Mary Smith b.1803, Jane Smith b.1804, Sarah Smith b.1808, Rhoda Smith b.1808, Ann Smith b.1812 and James Smith b.1815

Died:                ?

Bio:                 The birth of Elizabeth in Haverhill is attributed to Daniel and Elizabeth 'Whiten' in the Parish Register.(2) This corruption of 'Whiting' seems quite common around this time.  Elizabeth seems to be the first child of Daniel Whiting and Elizabeth Hilsdon, and we can conclude this from the proximity of their marriage date on 19th December 1775 and the fact that there were no Whiting couples around at this time with the names Daniel and Elizabeth.

When this page was first created, it was assumed that Elizabeth married someone called John Smith on 31st December 1802 at St Mary's, Haverhill. This was based on the suitable date of the marriage in relation to her baptism date, the location of Haverhill, her name, and the lack of obvious alternatives.

However, since then new evidence has come to light which suggests an alternative marriage for Elizabeth. John Orchard, a researcher of his own family history in Haverhill with Whiting links, has come across several family trees he shares DNA with who have indicated that their ancestors could be descended from John Loveday who married Elizabeth Whiting on 24th April 1798 at Little Wratting church (8).

This new possibility will be explored further in the near future, but until then the previous attributed marriage was as follows:

The marriage of a John Smith to Elizabeth Whiting on 31st December 1802 is recorded in the parish register of St Mary's, Haverhill. Barnabas Webb's diary (3) also makes reference to this, although he gives Elizabeth's husband the forename 'William' not 'John'. He also notes that Elizabeth was pregnant at the time.
How certain are we that this is the same Elizabeth Whiting, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth? As there is no mention of her parents in the marriage entry it has to be said that it is really only her age at the time and the Haverhill connection that allow us to place her as the same person. This is backed up by a lack of any obvious alternatives.

Reference is made to the birth of the child Barnabas Webb referred to in the parish baptism register.(2) Mary Smith was baptised on 12th June 1803, and had been born on 5th April that year. It is interesting to note that the father is confirmed as John Smith here, and Elizabeth's maiden name of Whiting is also mentioned.
A second daughter, Jane, is born on 4th March 1804 and baptised on 3rd June.(2)

The baptism register of the Old Presbyterian meeting house in Haverhill has several entries during the right period that give the parents of the children concerned as John and Elizabeth Smith. 
Sarah Smith was baptised there on 9th July 1809, having been born on 13th July 1808.(4) The parents are given as John and Elizabeth. Rhoda Smith(5) was also baptised on the same day, attributed to the same parents but with a birth date that doesn't quite add up. Another daughter Ann, born on 25th March 1812 and baptised 12th July 1812(6) and a son James Smith, born 2nd November 1815 and baptised on 21st July 1816(7) are also children of John and Elizabeth. be continued

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