Click on the names below, or on the arrow to the left of 'individuals' on the side menu to see a list of all of the Whitings mentioned in the Censuses for Haverhill that I've covered so far. Each page gives parentage, dates of birth and baptism, marriages, children, date of death and an account of their lives.
These mini-biographies concentrate on information taken from censuses during their lifetimes, but also include facts about their occupations and the other people involved in their lives. If they undertook any military service, this would also be referred to.
I have included my sources at the bottom of each page.
As the website grows, entries will be added for both the ancestors and descendants of those Whitings mentioned in the 1841 census. Eventually I aim to account for every Whiting who lived in Haverhill in the 18th century right up to those who died in the 20th Century.

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